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Capture and preserve your family's most treasured memories

Memshard's technology to preserve humans & places, personalised private libraries makes it easy to preserve the stories and legacies that matter most.



Ultra-Realistic Digital Humans

Memshard leverages AI to make it effortless to reconnect you with your love ones digitally, preserving their legacies for generations.


Reliving Core Memories Preserving The Magic Of Home

Common reminiscing methods like 2D photos and videos fall short in capturing the depth of our memories. Our goal is to help people fully document and preserve their stories for future revisiting.


Effortless access to your memories 

Easily access your most precious memories, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

With just a tap on your phone, you'll be transported back to your fondest moments.


Our Services


One room

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One apartment / house

3D scan and 3D recreation of your home

Personalised journeys and stories 



Custom 3D recreation of apartment and house

3D scan and 3D recreation of your home

Personalised journeys and stories 

Alex Yung

"Memshard is a game-changer for preserving memories of loved ones. The ability to capture their voice, emotion, and expressions provides a sentimental element that is often lost over time. It allows for meaningful discussions and creates an invaluable resource for all types of relationships. Highly recommend!"

Alicia Wong

"Memories are what keep us connected to our loved ones, even when they're no longer with us. Thanks to Memshard, I'm able to keep my most cherished memories alive and share them with future generations. The thought of these memories being lost forever was heartbreaking, but now, with their incredible services, I can relive the moments that mean the most to me. The care and attention to detail that they put into preserving these memories is truly touching, and I feel so grateful to have found this service. I can't recommend Memshard enough to anyone who wants to keep their loved ones close to their heart forever"

Andrew Ng

"Memshard is the perfect solution for safeguarding your cherished memories. Their expertise in preserving life's most special moments is unparalleled, with both offline and online services available. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that future generations will be able to enjoy these memories is priceless. I would highly recommend Memshard to anyone looking to preserve their family legacy"

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