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Memshard uses technology to P.A.C.K your memories
Preserve, Augment, Curate & Kinetify.
We have spend 1000+ hours in refining our processes to find the best way to help your events and brand to be legendary



You are storing your best memories on a G-drive or iCloud

Drowning in a sea of memories? Sorting through countless photos and videos is a daunting task, lacking the emotional immersion your moments truly deserve


Your parents are getting old and you worry about remembering them when they are gone

Our memory is not the best, they fade over time, it's painful when we can't fully remember the precious memories


You are approaching the end stages of your life

How do you want people to remember you and your story by?

You have a special occasion that you wish you could relive

Photos and videos don't do it justice, your memories lack detail


One of your parents just got diagnosed with dementia

It is a worry that they will change as people and stop remembering you


You want to be remembered

Your life is unique in this universe, your story as a human being deserves to be  to be told 


Jessie Tan
Product manager 2023

Thanks to Memshard, I could relive cherished memories of my family home in vivid detail. Uploading our favorite photos and videos became a HEARTFELT TRIBUTE, helping me find solace during a time of grief. Preserving my parents' legacy was a comforting choice

I believe every family should have this invaluable tool to rekindle their own precious recollections.

Preserve your
memories and legacy

  • 360 immersive captures to preserve your memories

  • Explore your memories 

  • Preservation and conversion of physical photos to digital


Memshard is a game-changer for preserving memories of loved ones. The ability to capture their voice, emotion, and expressions provides a sentimental element that is often lost over time. It allows for meaningful discussions and creates an invaluable resource for all types of relationships. Highly recommend!"

"Memshard transforms memory preservation. Capturing voices, emotions, and expressions adds a sentimental touch often lost over time. Enables meaningful discussions, creating an invaluable resource for all relationships"

Memshard is the perfect solution for safeguarding your cherished memories. Their expertise in preserving life's most special moments is unparalleled, with both offline and online services available. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that future generations will be able to enjoy these memories is priceless. I would highly recommend Memshard to anyone looking to preserve their family legacy

Seeing is believing. 

Reliving Core Memories Preserving The Magic Of Home

Common reminiscing methods like 2D photos and videos fall short in capturing the depth of our memories. Our goal is to help people fully document and preserve their stories for future revisiting.

How Memshard helps you

Easily access your most precious memories, no matter where you are or what you're doing.
With just a tap on your phone, you'll be transported back to your fondest moments.


Ultra-Realistic Digital Humans

Memshard leverages AI to make it effortless to reconnect you with your love ones digitally, preserving their legacies for generations.

Click and drag

Effortless access to your memories 

Peggy Woon
University Lecturer 2023

Thanks to Memshard, I've had the extraordinary opportunity to relive cherished moments of my past, experiencing my father's love in a unique and profound way.

While I'm fully aware that Memshard is a digital recreation, the emotional impact it has had on me is undeniable. It brings tears to my eyes as it rekindles fond memories from my youth, reminding me of the quality time I spent with my father.

For those who, like me, have aging parents, Memshard offers a remarkable service that helps PRESERVE AND ENHANCE THE RECOLLECTION OF OUR LOVED ONES. It goes beyond being a mere digital recreation; it becomes a conduit to precious memories. If you're seeking a way to remember and connect with your loved ones in a meaningful way, Memshard is an invaluable resource

Preserve your
memories and legacy

  • 360 immersive captures to preserve your memories

  • Explore your memories 

  • Preservation and conversion of physical photos to digital


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