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Turn your photos and videos into an immersive experience that keeps memories alive.

We make it easy. We've spent over 1000 hours perfecting the process to preserve your loved ones' stories and legacy.

Here's how it works:

  • Share your photos and videos with us.

  • We create a personalized virtual world filled with your loved one's memories.

  • Revisit and relive cherished moments anytime, anywhere.

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You are storing your best memories on a G-drive or iCloud

Drowning in a sea of memories? Sorting through countless photos and videos is a daunting task, lacking the emotional immersion your moments truly deserve


Your parents are getting old and you worry about remembering them when they are gone

Our memory is not the best, they fade over time, it's painful when we can't fully remember the precious memories


You are approaching the end stages of your life

How do you want people to remember you and your story by?

You have a special occasion that you wish you could relive


Photos and videos don't do it justice, your memories lack detail

One of your parents just got diagnosed with dementia

It is a worry that they will change as people and stop remembering you


You want to be remembered

Your life is unique in this universe, your story as a human being deserves to be  to be told 


Jessie Tan
Product manager 2023

Thanks to Memshard, I could relive cherished memories of my family home in vivid detail. Uploading our favorite photos and videos became a HEARTFELT TRIBUTE, helping me find solace during a time of grief. Preserving my parents' legacy was a comforting choice

I believe every family should have this invaluable tool to rekindle their own precious recollections.


Seeing is believing. 

How we help you remember

Effortless access to memories 

Easily access your most precious memories, no matter where you are or what you're doing. 

Choose from a variety of NFC charms, cards and tokens.

With just a tap on your phone, you'll be transported back to your fondest moments.

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Reliving core memories. Preserving the magic of home

Common reminiscing methods like 2D photos and videos fall short in capturing the depth of our memories.

Our goal is to help people fully document and preserve their stories for future revisiting.

We document your home and turn it into a virtual tour / hub that holds your fragmented memories

Interactive and immersive reminiscing of your memories 

Compared to conventional means of recollection of memories through photos, this experience is more immersive, its as though you are there, back in time and in that space. 

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3d obj.gif
3D scanning heirlooms and precious objects 

Family heirlooms are important, they consist a lot of heritage and history.

We use 3D scanning technology to allow future generations to appreciate the heirlooms as realistic as possible

Organising photos, videos and memories 

We understand that documenting and organising memories can be difficult. Dumping them all into a google drive does not do them justice.
We incorporate them into the virtual tour to be easily accessible

Interviews, podcasts, personal websites we will preserve it all 

Photos, videos and personal memories are great.. but lets not forget the jobs that we work at that gives us pride and shapes our identities.

Our design experts will help to re-create those experiences so they wont be lost into the void.

Mr Chan
Business Consultant Singapore

I am very grateful for the work that Memshard has done for me and my family. This helps to preserve my family's legacy and story, especially my dad. This is something that everyone should get.

Preserve your
memories and legacy

  • 360 immersive captures to preserve your memories

  • Explore your memories 

  • Preservation and conversion of physical photos to digital


A life changing journey

We want to be a source of comfort for those coping with the death of a loved one. Through a collaborative and surprisingly uplifting process, we help families and friends honour the memories of a life. 


Understanding your loved one story

We will schedule a call to understand more about the life you wish to preserve, who is it for, what to document and how can we breathe life into it.


Uploading of photos, videos and other media

We will give you instructions on how you can document your love one's home and favourite places.


Designed, developed and tested by our experts

Our team will now start to create the virtual world of your love one's memories. We schedule rounds for review to make sure it does your love one's story justice.


Memory preserved!

Once completed, we will send you a link where you can access those memories. You can choose from our store what heirloom you would like to store the memories in. Next, we will get ready for your reunion.


Physical and virtual world connection complete!

You will receive your heirloom on your reunion day. We make sure every piece is carefully and thoughtfully delivered.


Thanks for submitting!

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